About us

Maharaja Institute of Management is the educational arm of The Capital Maharaja Group, established with a view to providing a wide range of professional corporate trainings and academic courses, coupled with practical exposure. The programmes offered cater to a broader audience, ranging from young adults to corporate professionals of any age and calibre.

The corporate training programmes offered at MIM are tailor-made to meet the clients’ needs and are professionally handled by a team of members that pays minute attention to detail. Our trainings which are delivered by industry experts have reached out to individuals who are seeking to develop their self-confidence, performance and competencies.

MIM is a professional institute that is registered under the Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission (TVEC) of Sri Lanka, the first vocational educational institution to receive NVQ Level 5 accreditation for National Competency Standards (NCS) of Electronic Media.

MIM has diversified into three faculties. They consist of MIM Media Faculty, MIM Fox Faculty and MIM Management Faculty. The courses that MIM delivers; train, develop and mentor upcoming individuals in the country and groom them into competent professionals who are job-ready.

The exposure given at MIM is not only limited to theoretical aspects. It is mandatory for MIM students who follow most of the courses to undergo an internship provided at the companies of The Capital Maharaja Group such as ; Sirasa TV, Sirasa FM, Y FM, News1st, Stein Studios, Fox Resorts (Pvt) Ltd, PE Plus (Pvt) Ltd, Sambole.lk, A F Jones Exporters Ceylon (Pvt) Ltd, Kevilton Electrical Products (Pvt) Ltd , Tuffline Ltd, S-lon Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, International  Cosmetics (Pvt) Ltd (Manufacturers of Eva, Safeguard, Black Knight, Rebecca Lee, etc.)

MIM provides a fully-fledged facility with state-of-the-art equipment and learning materials necessary to equip trainees and students with the knowledge and know-how to build their career paths.

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“To be the most sought after centre of excellence in tertiary, vocational education and corporate trainings to develop talented and inspired individuals with the courage to be different”


“We strive to be an academic institution that provides innovative, competitive and business oriented professional courses enriched with state of the art approaches, and delivered by a faculty of leading industry experts. We also seek to inspire and provide guidance to young talent to reach their full career potential while promoting a socially responsible and human capital based culture leading to the upliftment of the corporate sector”


We are distinctively professional
We promote inclusiveness and transparency
We believe in integrity and business orientation
We are passionate about enhancing learning
We are socially responsible
We promote creativity and innovativeness

Why choose us

At MIM all the courses and trainings offered by us are designed and delivered to meet industry standards. Special emphasis is placed on ensuring practical applications of the knowledge gained through learning sessions and most of our programmes are completed with a mandatory internship period at Media or Corporate sectors.

Unique and creative trainings and courses for the advancement of mid-career professionals and students

Creative approaches to meet the clients’ special needs in order to find unique and tailor-made training opportunities

Professional quality of services by a highly motivated team