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Maharaja Institute of Management (MIM) is the educational arm of The Capital Maharaja Group, established with a view to providing a wide range of professional corporate trainings and academic courses, coupled with practical exposure. The programmes offered cater to a broad audience, ranging from young adults to corporate professionals of any age and calibre.

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Professional courses


Diploma in Electronic Media

Certificate Course in Sales & Marketing with Industry Exposure

Certificate Course in Television & Radio Programme Presenting - SINHALA MEDIUM COURSE

Certificate Course in Television & Radio Programme Presenting - Tamil Medium Course



The institute’s commitment to excel in education extends beyond course delivery to a practical setting. MIM creates the ideal platform for students who wish to join the workforce to gain hands-on experience in their field of interest by giving them industrial exposure at the subsidiaries of The Capital Maharaja Group;

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Corporate training

MIM is geared to be the market leader and front-runner in the field of training and development. We provide a variety of training and development programmes which are carefully designed to meet the performance gaps and are delivered by local / foreign industry experts and academics. The MIM Corporate Training Division is well equipped to facilitate special training programmes such as;

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Customised Corporate Training

Tailor-made inbound / outbound trainings

Soft Skills Development

Leadership, Team building, Goal setting, Motivational workshops, etc.

SAP and IT Related Programmes
Special Workshops

“Be a powerful speaker in the corporate world”, “Be a creative force in the corporate world”, etc.

Success stories

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Amitha Eshaan – Diploma in Electronic Media – Batch I – Gold Award Winner

"When I joined MIM little did I know that I was about to step into something that would change me into a better version of myself. It felt like one big family with fellow MIM classmates. MIM went beyond the realm of traditional education to create a pathway for its students to flourish. The foundation I got from this institute led me to work as a professional journalist at the English News Desk of News1st. MIM is the place to excel in Electronic Media. I am always proud to call myself a student of MIM..."

Ruhaza Irfan – Gold Award Winner 2019 - Diploma in Electronic Media – Batch II

MIM has been a wonderful contributor for my personality development throughout. As an institute, the effort they have taken to groom us into the corporate professionals we are today is immense. I have been able to develop my leadership skills, time management and teamwork skills to a different level due to the experience and the knowledge gained through this institution. MIM has one of the finest lecture panels who are also leaders within the Capital Maharaja group itself. It is with the help of these professionals that MIM is able to build our professionalism and ability to face any adversity which arise in the corporate field

Lelani Carson – Certificate Course in Sales & Marketing with Industry Exposure – Batch II

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We are a professional body accredited by the Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission of Sri Lanka.